Crowd Funding: Trinity Continuum: Aegis

Crowd Funding: Trinity Continuum: Aegis

Trinity Continuum: Aegis is a game of epic adventure and exploration set during Greece’s Iron Age. The setting features figures and events from history and mythology, viewed through the lens of the Trinity Continuum. In this game you’ll play Champions, Oracles, and Olympians — characters who have come into contact with the mysterious substance called ambrosia and been transformed into Inspired individuals with powers similar to Talents, Psiads, and Novas millennia ahead of their counterparts’ times.  

This book requires you to have a copy of the Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook, which contains rules for how to roll and interact with other Storypath systems, plus more Gifts, Edges, and Skill Tricks your characters can use in this game.

Trinity Continuum: Aegis contents, broken out by chapter:
  • Chapter One: The World of Aegis summarizes the world as it stood at the time of the starfall and what’s happened in the years since. It also introduces some of the strange places throughout the ancient world affected by ambrosia and other events, and some of the notable characters that can be found in those locations.
  • Chapter Two: Colleges presents the Colleges and counter-societies active in the world today that the characters might join or interact with, and the antagonists who provide challenges along the way.
  • Chapter Three: Inspired Characters introduces Champions, Oracles, and Olympians, the new types of Inspired characters available to play in Aegis. It discusses what makes each type of character unique, and delves into the themes their powers fall under.
  • Chapter Four: Character Creation walks players through creating characters for this game, and offers advice for adapting modern era Skills from the Trinity Continuum Core for this period. Additionally, it provides new Paths, Edges, and Skill Tricks for players to use.
  • Chapter Five: New Rules presents the ways characters interact with Dramatic Editing and Super Science in this era and explores the mysteries of ambrosia. It also provides new vehicle and equipment examples.
  • Chapter Six: Gifts provides rules for the powers Champions, Oracles, and Olympians wield. In addition to presenting new Gifts across all three character types, this chapter introduces Universal Gifts which can be taken by Inspired characters at any level.
  • Chapter Seven: Storyguiding Aegis discusses the types of stories you can tell in this setting, and includes safety rules to use at your table. It explores ways you can dial up or down the involvement of gods in your game. Finally, it provides new antagonists for your characters to face.
  • Appendix: Setting Secrets offers more information about what happened the night the skies lit up over Mount Olympus, and how the starfall affected locations throughout the world. It also provides advice for Storyguides to handle ways in which the characters’ actions might affect the timeline.

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