Rose or Serpent (In development)

Jean Odin is a survivor of the horrors of the Wangdaio Colonies blackout. All their life they’ve grown up searching for a chance to overcome their traumatic past and give back to their nation that has since been absorbed and redistributed as the “Solarity of Kowloon” under another elven ruler, Bhelith Blackspear.

At 18 years old, Jean has the opportunity to enlist in one of the Kowloon Free Companies and defend the infant nation of Kowloon on a ground level. Will they successfully defend the Province against invasion? Will they forge a better future for themselves from the ashes of their tragic past? Will they find love amongst the battlefield?

Rose or Serpent is an original science fantasy visual novel in development by Studio HnH based in the Shattered Universe RPG setting.

Featuring Art by Nicoy Guevarra.

Story and coding by Kim Godwin.

Current demo:

The New Universes: Eine Neue Reise Beginnt (Early Access)

In the distant future where Humanity has expanded far beyond Earth into a war-torn, conflict filled galaxy a young woman struggles through her life and adventures gaining friends, learning about herself and working to save her galaxy. The New Universes Project’s Eine Neue Reise Beginnt First Chapter follows Sumire Rembrant an estranged princess whom moves to an academy in space in an effort to help her sister and learn more about herself. As she moves through her adventures Sumire encounters her past, finds love and builds a new future for herself. This story is the adaptation of the first set of The new Universes Project Eine Neue Reise Beginnt stories.

This story is the adaptation of the first set of The new Universes Project Eine Neue Reise Beginnt stories.

Eine Neue Reise Beginnt is a science fiction visual novel/kinetic novel based on the New Universes Project. It is available for Early Access on Steam.

Kim Godwin is a staff editor on the TNU Project Council.

Onyx Path Publishing

Kim contributed as a freelance writer on the following tabletop roleplay game titles.

They Came From is a tabletop roleplaying game in which the players, as humans, live in a world under increasing attack. The attackers? Aliens from beneath the sea, obviously. Adventures range from the one-shot defense of a small coastal town, to the lengthier liberation of a cruise ship infested with gill-kin, all the way to the campaign in which characters seize an alien submarine and ride it all the way down to the sea bed to take the fight to the invaders. In this game, the protagonists are strong-jawed war veterans, cunning and resourceful explorers, utterly insane scientists, and blue collar heroes, just looking to defend their patches of land.

Aliens invade, but they’re not a homogeneous race. Far from it: this game will include scores of Threats, and they don’t get on. This game contains a mix of Enslavers, Invaders, Destroyers, Primordials, and Spies, all presenting a broad array of dangers and objectives for repeat play, and frankly, to cause confusion. A part of They Came From’s charm is in its chaotic assembly of conflicting bad guys.

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They Came From [CLASSIFIED]! (TBA)

Listen up, Agent. We’ve secured firm intelligence that agents of STENCH, SMERSH, PHANTOM, and similarly alphabet groups intend to practice some damned rotten deeds in all corners of the globe, and it’s up to the stalwart, queen-and-country types like you to stop them! Become a secret agent as you embrace the excitement, gadgets, and mayhem from spy movies and detective shows from the 1960s onwards.

They Came From the Cyclops’s Cave! (TBA)

“A loving look at sword and sorcery films like those created by Ray Harryhausen, the sword and sandals Hercules movies, KrullThe Sword and the Sorcerer, and the Hercules and Xena tv shows.”


The world is fraught with dangers, from the products of mad science and corporate greed to the perils of lost civilizations. Fortunately, as many of the Talented will tell you, danger is their middle name, and the Æon Society is here to help them put things to right. The only constant in the world is change, and that’s where you come in.

At long last, the Trinity Continuum returns in this new edition with a new system and setting revised from the ground up. Talents: the subtle champions, daredevils of unparalleled skill and luck. Psiads: those able to employ the powers of their own minds to affect those around them. Novas: the stalwart few with the power to alter the very fabric of reality. These Inspired arise in times of need. Few of them will ever sit idly: they seem to be driven to act. Some will be crowned as heroes, others as power-mad aberrations. Which will you be?

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In addition to the main three eras listed below, other eras are also planned, including Anima (2084 memory tech sci-fi), Assassins (the secret world of hitmen, assassins, and bodyguards) and more!

Trinity Continuum: Aether (In Development)

“This is set in the Victorian Era and has a lot to do with the Martian invasion of Earth, Sherlock Holmes and other heroes of the time, steampunk with a Trinity Continuum twist, etc!”