Over the years I’ve been a part of multiple collabartive webcomic projects as editor, writer, colorist, and artist. In Rave Kitty and the Lounge, reoccuring characters were introduced with my name and likeness. You can find the cover images and short descriptions of the projects with links to where to read or buy them below.   

The introductory chapter of our series, “The Lavenders”! Follow Det. Lt. Rose Lavender, head of the Nightwatch at the Neo San Diego PD’s Robery Homicide Division as she uncovers a plot that threatens not only her family, but all Otherkin everywhere!

In our opening chapter, we start 18 years before the main story begins, and learn details about Rose, her family, and see the initial machinations of the insane assassin, Weiss Veruckt!

Set in 2107, “The Lavenders” combines sci-fi, horror and fantasy elements into one big knockout punch. Explore the future of the Supernatural with a oddly reasonable dose of science!

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In Part 1, we meet Rose’s half-vampire daughter Darlene as she navigates the unusual social strata of Vaeyen Academy, a special school for Otherkin (Vampires, werewolves, espers, etc.) from beyond The Veil. Meanwhile, Rose is tracking down a grisly murderer who is targeting exceedingly old vampires with connections to The Society, all while fending off the advances of a psychopath who is mailing severed body parts in an effort to wage psychological warfare against her through her daughter.

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In Part 2, things begin to get crazy. Darlene wakes up to realize what she had done to Kyle at the Fullblood party just in time for the serial harasser to send more body parts in the mail. Rose and Ray begin shaking down potential witnesses and stool pigeons to find this sicko’s whereabouts. Upon meeting with the “Old Bird”, he hires his protegé “Peregrine” to keep an eye on the kids. But just as she starts her job, the trio’s solidarity is shaken to the core by outrageous allegations from Darlene. Will their friendship hold, and will Rose and Ray be able to crack the case before it’s too late?

This chapter features art crafted by our good friend, BlackWalker80, and will set the tone for all future pages!

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Act 3! 

The Lavenders: First Kiss: Act 3

If I must tell you this story, singing it to you across the age – if I must make a beginning – I choose to begin it here…

The Gods are dead, and their children are dying. Driven to the edge of their former strength by the Solar Empire of Tai Pan, the Tatya Hini have joined with other outlaws, brigands, varlets, and freedom seekers. On the far planet of Kowloon, Lukina, a mercenary child born of two worlds, finds herself seeking her own fortune – as she unfurls her banner under the House of Arleigh, and the enigmatic Lord Empress, the final standing vestige of a dying empire.

Herein is the retelling of a story of love and loyalty, of Emperors and Warlords, of common kings and exceptional men, and of the ties that will change a country, a world, and forge of them a Solar Empire powerful enough to save her universe, or shatter it forever.

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“I want to build a new future but the only tool I have is my rifle. All I can do is lay the foundation with a mortar of blood.”

Elven Empress Bhelith Blackspear navigates the turblent political waters of the star ocean. As sharks circle, can she trust those she has raised into power? Can she trust those that bare their teeth or those that linger in deeper waters? 

Half-elf mercenary turned Royal Herald, Lukina Petrora is dispatched to the distant rural province of Lorani to investigate why the local nobility has gone silent. Dare she sing a song of hope in this shattered universe? 

Song of Asteria: A Discordant Note collects all of Song of Hope Chapter 2 with additional bonus content. 

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Starship Moonhawk Act 3: The Mercadian Affain

“In the distant future, one ship stands between order and chaos.”

Contains the chapters “Unto The Breach” and “One Little Thing…”

Admiral Paladin comes to in darkness as he realizes the Horizon was attacked. Meanwhile, Cobalt and his team arrive on the scene to find that the Horizon is hurtling to its doom. In part 2, Solis and Sorthac’s years-long conflict comes to a head, but we don’t have a lot of time to dwell on the facts as the two teams aboard the Horizon race against the clock to save the crew from the Crysallis invasion before the Horizon crashes helplessly into the Mercadian moon! Additionally, this issue has a scene not present in the webcomic edition. A published exclusive!(double-sized issue)

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In the depths of the mind lies salvation… or Surrender!

Prior to shipping out with the crew of the Moonhawk, Chief Warrant Officer Ael Delenaria had a pretty quiet couple decades of service. That is, until she saw Commander Sorthac and it triggered a PTSD response. Soon she must answer to Dr. Heather Lopez and tell the tales of her past demons in order to be cleared for duty. but, are we ever really “cleared” of the demons from out past?

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The immortal Aes Sidhe are dying, cursed for causing the original sin.

Mankind was their downfall. Mankind will be their salvation.

Moira was chosen by the Sidhe council to cross the veil and save their people. Her heart is full of hope. She dreams of love in a life beyond gaia’s reflection among humanity. But the human world is not the stuff of children’s tales.

Infernal beings, demons, and wrathful spirits roam. Sin has seeped into the souls of man.

Moira steps beyond the gateway to a shattered world.

Can she fulfill her mission to save the fae? Or will she succumb to the dark forces that seek to ensnare and destroy her?

Touching the Abyss:The Eight of Swords encapsulates the entirety of Salient Caligation Chapter 1

Touching the Abyss: Ch 1 – The Eight of Swords

Danger has always been a part of Jie’s work as a demon hunter. From generation to generation, the mantle has passed on mother to daughter. A calling tied to their blood line that grants them power over darkness, a sacred blessing for the betterment of mankind. But something new is stirring in the shadows and hunting Jie in the streets of Philadelphia.

What do these American Demons want from Jie and her daughter, Lisa? 

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When a priest turns up at Caitlin’s door with a demon in pursuit, she must make the decision to help him or leave him to his fate. What does the demon know about what Caitlin wants and who is this woman they keep referencing? Why does the priest has a demon claiming a contract with him? 

Love, death, and sacrifice collide in The Lovers. 

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Has Caitlin found the real “Fallen Sword”? Who is these mysterious entities that are stalking her and her friends? Who is this woman that keeps haunting Semira’s dreams? 

All masks fall away when past and future collide in Death.

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