Review: Royally Betrayed

Review: Royally Betrayed

By: Lea Jade

Genre: Shifter Romance

Publisher: Black Jade Publishing Ltd

Pages: 153

Publication Date: April 4, 2020

Tasha is recovering from the psychological wounds of her life in her old Pride. But here at Blackwater pride, she is the head of security for the King. But something is stalking her home. The Prince has introduced a human witch as his mate in the wake of his old mate’s death and another shifter. The Enigmatic and powerful Roker. She can’t pin what type of shifter he is or why his presence soothes her inner lioness when all other males throw her on the offensive.

Roker is at Blackwater to do one thing but Tasha is suspicious and reminds him of a past he doesn’t want to shake. It’d be better if he avoided her but he can’t. Both he and his beast want her with him. He’s got a job to do and a King to kill.

Royally Betrayed is a shifter romance that mainly switches between Tasha and Roker. Roker is trying to uncover secrets and hide his true nature from all of the Blackwater Pride. Tasha is trying to discover what Roker is up to, not trusting him despite her inner lioness wanting him.

Events move rather quickly but I found Tasha’s recovery from her past interesting and her resolve compelling. Roker is intriguing since we don’t have all of the information of why he wants to kill the King until much later or what is really going on behind the scenes.

Royally Betrayed delivers on all its promises and nicely expands on Lea Jade’s world of shifters. There is passionate love, mystery, compelling character development and a happily ever after.

Many thanks to Lea Jade for providing me a review copy of Royally Betrayed. I look forward to learning more about Tasha and Roker.

4 of 5