Review: I’s

Review: I’s

Series Name: I’s
Series Format: Graphic Novel //There is also a 3 episode OVA
Series Length:13 Graphic Novels
Artist: Masakazu Katsura; Studio K2R
US Release: Viz has the rights to the manga!
Series Theme: Romantic Comedy

Review: Ok, Katsura is notorious for recycling character designs and I”S is no exception. I.E: Iori looks remarkably like Moemi (Video Girl Ai) as well as Mitsuki (M). But, still, the character personas and their quirks are how these characters stand out. I”S is a Shounen
Romance Comedy currently serialized in Shounen Jump. There is a lot of fan service in this as well as wonderfully portrayed characters. My god, there is such emotion portrayed in the movements and faces of these characters! This manga is definately up to what you can expect from our dear Batman fanatic, Masakazu Katsura.

Oh yeah.. obviously, I adore this series! It is funny and many people can relate to Icchan’s frustrations with his childhood
sweetheart and his efforts to win the heart of his classmate and the girl of his dreams, Iori. Ode to cute guys with perverted minds and small resolve..

This series is LONG, that might be the only qwams you might have with it. There also doesn’t seem to be very much
merchandise out for it, but then again, that seems to be the trend with anything Masakazu Katsura does. This was made into a slightly confusing and not very funny 3 episode OVA series that focuses on Iori, Itsuki and Ichitaka’s childhood friendship. But, the confusion is probably because I had a very badly translated copy to watch but, the animation is gorgeous and the OVA very focused on friendship and the soft romance between Icchan and Iori.

Over all, if you like romance comedies then you’ll like this. But if you detest them and only want action.. then this is definately the wrong series for you. Although I do suggest trying it out anyways.