At the Gates Crowdfunding coming May 7th!

At the Gates Crowdfunding coming May 7th!
In the world of Gaia, magic is everywhere and in everything, but a danger from the Void outside the world has upended the balance. On the continent of Everend, seven nations vie for resources and influence in an uneasy peace after centuries of struggle. A year ago, in an explosive demonstration of power, one nation called forth daemons from the Void. Now all nations fear for their safety and rush to gain daemonic magic for themselves. As the nations struggle, common folk continue their daily lives amid uncertainty of an incomprehensible power and the brutality of war. All the while, magic collides with the Void tainted landscape to create dangerous beasts who threaten everyone’s safety.

Everend needs heroes to stop the march of destruction and help people understand their new place in the world.

Will you heed the call?

At the Gates is the core rulebook for a high fantasy tabletop roleplaying game inspired by Japanese RPG video games.

Inside you will find:
  • Details on the setting of Everend and the political struggles of the nations that inhabit it.
  • Five professions that define your character’s role within your play group.
  • Rules for creating characters, running the game, and playing using Storypath Ultra.
  • Information on exciting monsters found throughout the world, and the daemons that inhabit the Void.