Koi Kaze Volume 1: Reunion

Koi Kaze Volume 1: Reunion

By: Kimberly Godwin – April 25, 2005

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Who would ever think that returning someone’s identification card on a crowded train platform could lead to a reawakening of a broken heart? Such a rebirth happens to Koshiro when he meets Nanoka’s eyes in gust of wind and a dance of cherry blossoms for the first time. Unfortunately, for Koshiro, Nanoka happens to be his little sister.

In Koi Kaze Volume 1: Reunion , we meet a Koshiro, a 27 year old, arranged marriage consultant, and first year high school student, Nanoka whom are going to start living together in order to shorten the length of Nanoka’s daily commute to school. Both siblings have lived in separate households since their parents divorced and are interacting together for the first time in many years. Nanoka is excited to be around Koshiro and wants to become closer to her older brother; while, Koshiro is frightened by the prospect that he is attracted to his 15 year old sister tries to keep her as far away from him as possible.

The series presents the taboo subject of an incestuous relationship but it stays grounded with a very somber approach to dealing with it- there are no melodramatic internal monologues, nor is it handled with any humor. This seriousness makes Koi Kaze very refreshing from other romance titles; but it makes it harder to classify who its intended audience happens to be. Overall, it is a beautifully rendered series in all aspects with superb voice acting and somber instrumentals that deliver the strong emotional punch required to drive the reality home; and, soft colors to add to a wistful atmosphere. The story leaves you with a sense of not knowing what will happen next, but some of the unexpected complications will make you challenge your original perceptions of the characters.

Rating: 4 out of 5