Court of the Immortals

Art by Anton Oxenuk

Court of the Immortals is a Vampire erotica series by “Roussanna Lebedev” in development.

Originally created as a fluff piece of character backstory for my vampire roleplay character, Raisa Malinkova, under her nom de plume, Roussanna Lebedev that spun out of control. My plan is to write the books because, it’ll be fun, right?

  1. Sealed with a Kiss – In progress.
  2. A Kingdom of Thirst
  3. Before the Storm
  4. Crisis of Lust
  5. Wicked Dance

Sealed with a Kiss: Prologue

Mortar rounds tore the air in a thunderous roar as fiery death descended upon us. I clutched my rifle to my chest, shivering half with cold and half from fear. My hands were numb, I had lost track of the countless hours suffering in the frigid rain. Nothing kept out the chill. They would be raining gunfire upon us soon. I had to shoot. I squinted through the crimson haze of smoke and burning corpses, trying to ignore the taste of ash and blood in my mouth. Just one good shot, that’s all I needed. 

Sprawled in the mud and surrounded by death I waited. Beyond our line was the enemy. I felt their malice and returned it with lead and gunpowder. I didn’t wait for the bark of my rifle to be answered with a wail of agony. It was time to run and set up again. As I rose to run, I felt rough hands drag me up. I spun to face my attacker and saw the hard stock of a rifle as it crashed into my face, stealing my sight.

Black gave way to red. I woke half dazed, I don’t remember much of what happened next. The thick taste of copper coated my swollen tongue. Everything hurt. I remember agony, humiliation and… rage. They discarded me like garbage but I was still alive. I don’t know how but I found a weapon. 

I felt something watching me but I ignored it. If it was God or the Devil didn’t matter. All that mattered was my enemy was alive and nearby. I found them laughing, drinking and filled them with lead. I could barely stand, barely breathe as I felt my life pouring out of me. 

My thoughts turned to momma on the farm. Would she be proud of me, her only daughter dying for the cause? Would I join them in heaven for all the people I killed? Could someone whose hands were so stained with blood be saved? 

I didn’t see the man with his fiendish eyes until he had wrapped his arms around me. I felt a rough blanket warming my naked body. I collapsed against him, too exhausted to struggle. He said something I couldn’t make out. I felt something sharp upon my neck and surrendered to the delicious agony. If he was Death, I was ready to go home.