Studio HnH was originally created to be a writer and artist group that would cooperatively create original stories and comics to be published at a community college. The group was not allowed to be established at the college due to conflict of interest with the existing student newspaper, The Owl and the Bi-annual creative submission magazine,  Reflections.

Hikari no Houshi, or Star Light, was meant to be a sister group of the Starlight Anime Society.

Instead, it was a label taken by 3 artists for use at anime conventions on the East coast of the United States so that they could sell their respective arts and crafts. It is presently only being used by Kim.

This site was formerly: Kirageshadow101.org, studio-hnh.com and the studio aliases are “Studio Peregrine” and “OTS Productions”.

Linked to this page are various projects that Kim has created or collaborated on. Any suggested links may not have any affiliation to Kim or the studio.

All images and works presented are property of Kim and Studio HnH and are not to be reused without permission. Fan artwork does not establish ownership of the original property and only the artwork created by Kim is her creative property. Copyright belongs to the original series creators.