Projects I have contributed to: 

Moonhawk Studios Presents (co-host) – Media Webcast

The Owl Student Newspaper (former Staff writer) – Prince George’s Community College Newspaper

Shattered Universe  (Setting designer, graphic design, site admin, contributor) – Science Fantasy Creative  Collective/ Roleplaying Community

Webcomics I’ve contributed to (some Content NSFW):

Anathema credit

Anathema / Cherry Bomb (early editor, as Kitty Squishy) – NSFW

The Lavenders (co-writer)- Often NSFW


The Lounge (occasional editor, guest writer, character, Kimmy)

Kimmy Cat

Rave Kitty (guest character, Kimmy Cat)

Starship Moonhawk, Karma
Karma Mrrkelis, Mercadian

Starship MoonHawk (colorist, collaborator, voice actor, recurring character-Karma) – Sometimes NSFW

Peppermint Saga (early colorist as Fallen One) – NSFW




Webcomics I like (some content NSFW)

Fey winds

Shattered Starlight

Trying Human

Favorite Anime Conventions

Anime USA

Anime Mid-Atlantic