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Starship Moonhawk the Animated Series: The Mercadian Affair

Original Airdate: August 29, 2017**

Starring Michael C. Prokop, Anairis Quiñones, David J.G. Doyle, Olivia Jean Brown, Chris Patton, Morgan Larabee, and Dominic Lee. Guest Starring James Larabee, Brian Olvera, Joshua Passmore, Skyler Davenport, Kimberly Godwin, Monica Wolfkill, Elizabeth Faye Robinette, Keith Wood, Kaylie Horsley, and Joelle Aliana Ferguson.

Animation by Keith Wood and Nathan Bonner, with Alexander Womack. Music by Jared Cowing and ProScores Video CoPilot (under license from the copyright holder)

Directed by Michael C. Prokop

A Moonhawk Publishing/Shadowmare Entertainment/A.D. Womack/Remnant Animation production

Surrender: A Starship Moonhawk Nightmare

Warning: The following contains graphic images and themes.

Follow the story of Ael Delanaria as she takes us through her experience being a prisoner during the Chotan War. Relive her nightmare of torture, manipulation, and survival.


  • Elsie Lovelock as Ael Delanaria
  • Paul R. Sieber as the Chotan Jailer
  • Devanté Johnson as Peter Lansing
  • Morgan Larabee as Dr. Heather Lopez
  • and Elizabeth Faye Robinette as Yeoman PettyJohn

Additional music by: Ross Bugden –… “Revelation”

Produced by Michael C. Prokop Keith Wood and Kimberly Godwin

Based on the graphic novel, “Surrender” by Michael Prokop, EVIKTEDREI and Kimberly Godwin

Based on Starship Moonhawk by Michael Prokop

Story by Kimberly Godwin

Art assets by Handerson Soares

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