The Lavenders Ch 1 Act 2: First Kiss

The Lavenders Ch 1 Act 2: First Kiss

Act 2 of the First Kiss is now available for purchase through the Pink Panties Productions’ Drive Thru Comics store!


In Part 2, things begin to get crazy. Darlene wakes up to realize what she had done to Kyle at the Fullblood party just in time for the serial harasser to send more body parts in the mail. Rose and Ray begin shaking down potential witnesses and stool pigeons to find this sicko’s whereabouts. Upon meeting with the “Old Bird”, he hires his protegĂ© “Peregrine” to keep an eye on the kids. But just as she starts her job, the trio’s solidarity is shaken to the core by outrageous allegations from Darlene. Will their friendship hold, and will Rose and Ray be able to crack the case before it’s too late?

This chapter features art crafted by our good friend, BlackWalker80, and will set the tone for all future pages!

Set in 2107, “The Lavenders” combines sci-fi, horror and fantasy elements into one big knockout punch. Explore the future of the Supernatural with a oddly reasonable dose of science!

Just a reminder, this content is absolutely not for children. Act 3 begins next week at: