Surrender – A Starship Moonhawk Story

Surrender – A Starship Moonhawk Story
After several months of hard work, Keith, Mike and Oshigan completed the task of animating “Surrender”. I originally wrote this as an unrelated sci-fi/horror short story in 11th grade and later, adapted it for “Starship Moonhawk” as a back story webcomic for his character Ael Delanaria in my mid 20’s. Then last year, 2018, Mike cast voice actors for this script as an animation project. The video below is the result. Enjoy! Please be advised, there is some graphic violence and maybe nipples do NSFW – viewer discretion is advised.

Follow the story of Ael Delanaria as she takes us through her experience being a prisoner during the Chotan War. Relive her nightmare of torture, manipulation, and survival.

Starring Elsie Lovelock as Ael Delanaria

Ross Lang as the Chotan warrior

Devanté Johnson as Peter Lansing

Morgan Larabee as Dr. Heather Lopez

Elizabeth Faye Robinette as Yeoman PettyJohn

Produced by Michael C. Prokop Keith Wood and Kimberly Godwin