Song of Asteria Issue 1

Song of Asteria Issue 1

If I must tell you this story, singing it to you across the age – if I must make a beginning – I choose to begin it here…

The Gods are dead, and their children are dying. Driven to the edge of their former strength by the Solar Empire of Tai Pan, the Tatya Hini have joined with other outlaws, brigands, varlets, and freedom seekers.

On the far planet of Kowloon, Lukina, a mercenary child born of two worlds, finds herself seeking her own fortune – as she unfurls her banner under the House of Arleigh, and the enigmatic Lord Empress, the final standing vestige of a dying empire.

Herein is the retelling of a story of love and loyalty, of Emperors and Warlords, of common kings and exceptional men, and of the ties that will change a country, a world, and forge of them a Solar Empire powerful enough to save her universe, or shatter it forever….

Issue 1 of Song of Asteria: A Song of Hope is now for sale on Blurb | Amazon Kindle | and Drive ThruComics.

It’s been a great experience working with Mike Fairow and Nicoy Guevarra to make “Song of Asteria” happen! Be sure to check out our website as we prepare for launching Issue 2!