Massive Updates!

Massive Updates!
Artwork from "Song of Asteria".

So a lot has been happening around the Studio. Salient Caligation successfully relaunched and is rounding the mid-point in Chapter 2! Chapter 1 is available for purchase from Drivethru Comics.

Song of Asteria Issue 1 concludes this week at 16 pages! Be sure to check it out! Nicoy Guevarra (who also illustrates Salient) did a great job on it!

“Surrender: A Starship Moonhawk Story” under Moonhawk Studios was animated and voiced! Check it out here and give it a like or a comment!

I have also joined the writing team for Moonhawk Studios for “Survivor” and “Cosmic Feline” and “Starship Destroyer Hunter”. So please stay tuned for those updates.

I am also working on a Visual Novel based on the setting of Shattered Universe, so definitely more details are pending as I write the script and program it! I am also one of the partners of the Shattered Universe Media Group, so you should be seeing a mix of products from me under that label.