Shadow Lady

Shadow Lady

Series Name: Shadow Lady
Format: Manga
Series length: 3 Graphic Novels Long
Artist: Masakazu Katsura, Studio K2R
US Release: Studio Proteus – Dark Horse Comics
Series theme: Sci-fi; Shounen; Batman Parody

Reviews: Right off the bat, my real problem with this series is how short it was. The storyline in the last graphic novel was rushed, most likely (according to rumors) because this flopped in Shounen Jump. There is more fan service than you can shake a stick at. There is a lot of action and comedy, and a little bit of romance, not much but there is some. You’d almost swear that this was a Shoujo manga because of the “magical girl” anti-hero heroine. This was done as a direct parody of Batman. The presence of Demo is a throw back to the days were DC Comics was trying to make Batman cutesy. (Before the emergence of the Dark Knight)

This is another series that I love to death and would like to see as an Anime! The whole premise of Shadow Lady is that when someone puts on this magic eyeshadow from the Demon world they become more physically attractive and more outgoing (in theory ;p ) and they also gain the powers of a Demon Thief. But our Shadow Lady (aka Aimi Komori) doesn’t steal anything of value because “what’s the point of being a expert thief if you don’t steal things?” and so she steals stuff for the sheer thrill of it. For example, she broke into an art museum in order to steal this cute little bunny necklace she saw in the gift shop’s catalog.
Strange? Yes. Funny? Hell yeah!

This manga series is sure to please all of you Girl Power Shoujo fans and Super Hero Action fans out there.

Here are the TPB (Total Publication Book) titles for you to look for:
Shadow Lady: Dangerous Love (First One)
Shadow Lady: Awakening (Second One)
Shadow Lady: Sudden Death (3rd One)

By the way, there is a full color hard cover 50pg. Shadow Lady manga in Masakazu Katsura’s Artbook 4C… that has yet to be translated…