Marmalade Boy

Marmalade Boy

Guest Review by Katie T.

Series Name: Marmalade Boy
Series Format: Graphic Novel; Printed in original Japanese Format & Anime
Series Length: 8 Graphic Novels & 76 TV Episodes in Box Sets
Artist/Creator: Wataru Yoshizumi
US Release: Manga Series: Has been released in completion by TokyoPop

Television Series: The Marmalade Boy Ultimate Collection Box Set 1 is out 04.27.2004
Series Theme: Romantic-Comedy; Teen

Synopsis: Miki, a normal high school student, is shocked when her parents reveal that they are getting a divorce! To make matters worse, they inform her that they are both re-marrying another couple they met on their vacation to Hawaii. Her life upside down, Miki goes to meet the other couple with her parents and finds out that they too have a child her age. Thinking she’s found an ally in combating the madness, Miki is confronted by a handsome, but unresponsive young man named Yuu. But his low-key attitude may just prove to be what Miki needs! This family puts the “fun” in dysfunctional!

Review: Well this is by far my most favorite anime. While being the height of teen-angst, it manages to keep your interest and you don’t come to dislike the characters, as can sometimes happen in high drama situations.  Miki is lovably neurotic and totally relatable, a true haven of “sanity” in the middle of her insane family. Yuu is an absolute sweetheart, who just takes sometime to warm up to. And the side story’s involving their friends can bring you to the height of hysterics, be it tears or laughter!  This series is actually licensed by TokyoPop, both the manga and anime series. Regarding the discrepancies in the number of manga versus TV episodes, it roughly works out to about 9 episodes equaling the story line for one manga. The anime series stays pretty true to the manga, though it adds characters and extra plot lines, the basic story revolving around Miki and Yuu is the same.

Thank you to TokyoPop for information on the series and its release, as well as the picture!