Perfect Blue (OVA)

Perfect Blue (OVA)

Series Name: Perfect Blue
Series Format: DVD- uncut director’s cut // edited version VHS
Series Length:1 hr 20 mins
US Release: US Manga Corps
Series Theme: Psychothriller/ Drama
Rated: R

Review: First off, let me just tell you why I decided to pick up this Anime and watch it.

To be perfectly honest, I had heard about Perfect Blue and was curious but I never really decided to sit down and watch it. And then, the other day I downloaded the Sense of Reality Perfect Blue Anime Music Video to Nine Inch Nails’ Closer by Mindwarp Entertainment. I read their advisory warnings and knew that there was going to be some pretty graphic scenes in the AMV. And then I watched the video, not really fully understanding what was going to happen in the video.

What I saw in the video was something I wasn’t prepared for, there was a “rape” scene. And then I had to know why the main character Mima was in that situation. So I picked up the DVD and watched it.

The basic storyline behind Perfect Blue is that a pop idol has decided to change her image and become a serious actress. She landed a minor role in a tv Soap Opera-Movie called Double Bind. But after she announces her retirement from singing, weird things begin to happen. Weird phones calls, a letter bomb, threatening faxes and people start being murdered.

The animation quality of this was incredible, the translation was the same. The storytelling leaves you reeling in amazement.

Unfortunately, the division of what is reality and fantasy gets blurred, practically erased. This is not an anime for the faint of heart or for you to watch with your little brother. There is nudity, there is blood, there is violence and there are sexual situations. This Anime has the look and the feel of a live action movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a psycho-thriller or anyone interested in psychology. The portrayal of a character with paranoid schizophrenia as well as Multiple personality is quite disturbing but fairly accurate, at least I felt that it was.