The Lavenders and Surrender return!

Just a quick update between homework assignments: two of the projects I contributed script work to have resumed! Both of these are considered NSFW with graphic violence, nudity and sexual content. <- Cosmic Feline: “Surrender” – Recounts the tale of Ael Delenaria during the Chotan War. It highlights PTSD and the lasting effects of war on a person’s psyche. Trigger warnings for this story with depictions of graphic violence and torture. <- “The Lavenders” – Is a super natural drama following half-vampire, Darlene Lavender and her vampire mother, Rose, as they deal with a serial killer targeting vampires and stalking Darlene. A touch of high school drama, procedural cop drama, and coming of age story as Darlene must learn how to control her budding vampiric powers amongst the chaos of Neo San Diego where humans are being pitted against the supernatural species that live among them.


HEY! I helped make a thing!

Many years ago, I met this guy, Michael Prokop through the Lounge webcomic forums and I got involved with his project, Starship Moonhawk.  We later started a forum roleplay based off the Starship Moonhawk setting and my Mercadian Marine, Karma got pulled into Starship Moonhawk canon. FAST forward to today, Karma is in the webcomic and I was asked to voice her in the motion comic. =) Check it out, give it a like, donate to the Starship Moonhawk Patreon if you want to see more!

Plug for my friend’s book

My friend just released her first book today!

He Was Broken So She Confessed To Him

Authored by Amiyah Deziire

Midnight Confessions is a book filled with thoughts on of love, romance, and heartbreak. It’s a book you can share with your love or even use as a conversation starter. Read a quote a day, read a quote a week or read it all at once.


Check it out at:


It’s been a minute and this page is empty at the moment. I am in the process of consolidating all of my content onto 1 webhost after over a decade using multiple webhosts. I wanted to shift from a long url to a singular short one.

If you are rejoining me, I was using since about 2000/2001. When I was in college, I created Studio HnH with my friends right before we started selling our crafts and artwork at the Maryland/DC anime convention circuit. Although we are still friends, day jobs and geographic distance has stopped us from working convention together.

I was operating alone under Studio Peregrine but I wanted my url to reflect my name and studio-peregrine was far too long and studio-p was not appealing. I had already registered studio-hnh but I had some trouble getting the old host to let go of it so I created studiohnh instead.

I just moved back to the US from Hawaii so I am still in the process of restructuring. I will modify this site as I get around to it.